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This week, we’re presenting an episode of Climate Rising from our friends at Harvard Business School.  In this first episode of a new series on climate change and AI, Hamid Maher and Charlotte Degot, Managing Directors and Partners at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), explain how BCG has developed and uses AI tools to help their clients manage climate risks and address mitigation and adaptation challenges. They describe how they pitch these solutions to potential clients, and share their advice for those interested in careers in business and climate.

For transcripts and other resources, visit climaterising.org.

Climate Rising Host: Professor Mike Toffel, Faculty Chair, Business & Environment Initiative


●      Hamid Maher, Managing Director and Partner, Head of Africa, BCG

●      Charlotte Degot, Managing Director and Partner, Global Lead for CO2 AI, BCG

In our next and final season one episode of Climate Vision 2050, we’ll take to the streets of São Paolo for the Paulista Grand Prix—an annual car racing event.  We’ll explore how electric vehicles revolutionized the industry and created a sustainable circular economy. We’ll also delve into advancements in charging technology that allowed EVs to overtake the internal combustion engine.