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Evan Davis and guests discuss how best to resolve disputes between colleagues – both making the best of it and avoiding the worst. Despite our best efforts, conflict never disappears – it’s always there, when humans gather. In the office, it can be start with something as trivial as a coffee cup left on a colleague’s desk. And from there, it can spiral into a situation where people are unwilling to work with each other, or even suffer mental ill health as result. Three experts give advice on how to prevent conflict festering and the best ways to mediate when co-workers end up at daggers drawn.
Gill Dix, head of workplace policy at ACAS
Felicity Steadman, mediator, The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
Ade Adeniji, mediator and investigator

Producers: Kirsteen Knight, Lucinda Borrell and Sandra Kanthal
Sound: Graham Puddifoot
Editor: Hugh Levinson