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The ANTIFEMO company was born with the aim of marketing the NP-bioTech technology, an effective rapid composting process (RCP), to further develop it and to expand its field of application.

The RCP NP-bioTech technology was developed by the industrial chemist Fabrizio Nardo, with the support of his brother Bruno (chemical engineer). Both graduates in Pisa, they wanted to remember their Sicilian roots.

Antifemo, a noble from Rhodes, led the expedition that in 688 BC founded, together with the Cretan Entimo, the city of GELA. GELA founded important cities, including Akragas (Agrigento). The leader Gelone, as evidence of the hegemonic role played, transferred his army from GELA to Syracuse, becoming the latter’s tyrant.

Noble and deep roots that lay solid foundations for a brilliant future in a new world that respects biodiversity. This is the summary of the ANTIFEMO srl company.


Per info: https://www.antifemo.eu