Workshop on Quantitative Human Ecology

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The workshop aims at fostering a science based consensus on challenges that are central to sustainability, such as the rising inequality, demographic crises, migrations, biodiversity loss, and impacts of climate change. A wider integration of methods from hard sciences to statistical approaches and demography is needed in order to pursue the identification of general mechanisms, universal features, and stylized facts that are the roots of an comprehensive understanding of the determinants of sustainability.

In particular the workshop will tackle key challenges such as:
1) the mismatch of time-scales between policy measures and the relevant systems’ dynamics,
2) accounting for the human impacts and agency and
3) the integration of different dimensions (e.g. inequality, climate, biodiversity, etc).

The ultimate aim is to shed light on the determinants of sustainability in systems of human and non-human interacting agents, with a large scale connectivity in order to delineate a research agenda on how basic sciences can contribute to sustainable development.

The workshop will bring together scientists from different disciplines (economics, ecology, demography, physics, complex systems science, climatology, epidemiology, social sciences, and intelligent systems) in order to promote a wider integration of methods across disciplines.

Speakers include:
S. BARRETT, Columbia University, USA
M. BENZAQUEN, Ecole Polytechnique, France
L. BETTENCOURT, University of Chicago, USA
J. COHEN, Rockefeller University and Columbia University, USA
S. CRABTREE, Santa Fe Institute, USA
M. DACOROGNA, University of Zurich, Switzerland
A. DASGUPTA, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Nigeria
P. DASGUPTA, Cambridge University, UK
S. DIAZ, University of Cordoba, Argentina
B. FATH, Towson University, Maryland, USA & IIASA, Austria
M. FRANCO GAVONEL, University of Exeter, UK
M. GALESIC, Santa Fe Institute, USA
P. GONG, Tsinghua University, China
A. GOUJON, IIASA and Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna Institute of Demography, Austria
P.A. MARQUET, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Santa Fe Institute, USA
R. MUTTARAK, University of Bologna, Italy
E. OMODEI, Central European University, Austria
D.P. SCHRAG, Harvard University, USA
J. SHAWE-TAYLOR, University College London UK and IRCAI Ljubljana, Slovenia
A. VESPIGNANI, Northeastern University, USA
D. WOLPERT, Santa Fe Institute, USA

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