“Climate for Youth” (online/offline seminar)

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On September 28th Milan will host the COP26 initiative “Youth4Climate: driving ambition”. On the same 28th in Shanghai we planned to host the “Climate for youth” online/offline seminar. After the dramatic discontinuity generated by Covid-19, a new paradigm for development becomes more and more urgent. The sustainability of all our activities must become the engine for a change. Acting in depth, for shifting from “explotation” to “cooperation” with natural systems. The pandemic has shown how much our individual behaviors, daily rhythms can change, how flexible we must be, and how adaptable to new situations. The seminar will embrace an holistic, interdisciplinary vision on climate issues.

The specific objectives of the seminar can be summarised under the following topics:
• New climate: how energy will affect it?
• New mobility: how behaviors can make a change?
• New food habits: how awareness will drive them?
• New economy: how climate change will impact?

Eight speakers will elaborate on the complexity of these global challenges, in a modality of moderated “duets” on each topic. A round table will follow, with eight students, as representatives of the new generation, discussing the relevant issues of the previous speakers.
Opening_Introduction by the autorities
Session 1_Setting the scene: four duets from China, Italy, international
Session 2_Short term actions: moderated round table with eight students

Venue:  Tongji university, Shanghai, 28 September 2021

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